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Short Message Service helps to reach millions of people timely without spending a huge amount of money in other costly advertising media. SMS media is not only fastest but also highly spreadable through mobile to mobile. We are providing online bulk SMS services to customers through our innovative solutions for sending group SMS all over India via different gateway networks. We deliver cheap and best sms deal in India.

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Who Can Use Bulk SMS Gateway

  • (1) Student developing project and want to send SMS via application
  • (2) Schools, institutes or any educational organization can send SMS to students, parents and staff members
  • (3) Business owners can promote their trade successfully to a wider spectrum of people within minutes
  • (4) Banks, corporates can use SMS gateway to inform transactional, operational activities to their customers and staff members
  • (5) Government bodies can communicate to different locale of people easily via SMS Gateway
  • (6) Today every sector like Airlines, Insurance, Hotels, Hospitals, Retail, Tourism, Telecom etc. are using SMS Gateway to delivere information easily and cheaply

Transactional SMS:

  • 1. Can be used to send informational messsage or pre-defined templates.
  • 2. Online Easy to use wen based free control panel.
  • 3. SMS will be sent at any time during 24 hour
  • 4. SMS will be sent to both DND and NDND numbers.
  • 5. Sender ID will be provided free of cost
  • 6. No set up cost, no any hidden charges, instant 100% delivery with API integration.